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Persian called "Farsi" (Far-see) by the speakers, is a popular language spoken in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan including adjoining areas. Persian is a widely spoken language in Middle-East, parts of Central Asia and the Indo-Pak Subcontinent. The Ancient Persian is said to have developed in a place called "Fars" which is in Iran and this language was eventually called "Farsi" because of this origin. There is more to being a Farsi Social Community than speaking the language.

The Farsi Social Network and Farsi Social community is fast waking up to the power of blogs which have spread across the internet like wild fire. If you are still grappling with the word blog, these are Farsi Social Network websites which are diary-like in approach and people are free to publish news or their ideas and thoughts. Farsi Social Networks are very popular as they are simple to use and in most cases, free to use, meet and chat with Persian friends anywhere from the world.

Farsi Social Network is committed to profiling and reviewing Frasi or Persian social people and their traditions. We give you the best coverage to Persian social people or Farsi starting their companies in the west especially those who made relevance with Far-see Internet and Mobile users. Persian citizens to choose online Persian social networking sites as their primary method of communication to the world.

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